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Drivers’ revolt at cashless parking: Move away from pay- and-display to online credit card system has already led to one motorist being charged £5,000
Consumers and cash: A lasting love?
In cash we trust: UK consumers see hard currency as most secure payment method
Not Just Monopoly Money: Some Games Ship With Real Cash In France
UK: consumer trust in newer payment methods drops by the wayside, cash still king
Why the share of $100 bills in circulation has been going up for over 40 years
Will we see an end to the cash office or its evolution? [INFOGRAPHIC]
Our Emotional Attachment to Currency
Cash Facts from Volumatic
Sometimes, Only Cash Will Do
Under a mattress, in the freezer: Why so many are hiding cash


Cash Is Alive And Well (INFOGRAPHIC)
Understanding why people like cash and what that means for POS systems
The_Future_of_Cash -Tellermate
A Five-Year Glimpse Into Consumer Payment Preference
Giving cash for Christmas. Good, or bad idea?
Why Germans pay cash for almost everything
Why Sweden should fear going cashless
Reports of the Death of Cash Are Premature
Hot holiday gift: Cash to pay down credit cards
The Most Serious Threat When Using Credit: You
6 Reasons Why Cash is Still The King of Payments
Why Most Millennials Don’t Have A Credit Card
Here’s How Easily Someone Can Steal Your ATM Pin Code Without You Noticing And How To Prevent This From Happening
Accepting Cash Only
Case for Cash Summary
Report reveals cash still king for small purchases, but that may change
Almost One In Four Shoppers Say E-Payments More Secure Than Cards, Cash
Poll: Cash or card for $5 purchase?
Cash Today, More Cash Tomorrow – Currency is here to stay
APG’s Bergeron Talks Sensible Solutions — Not Sexy Technologies — At RetailNOW
If Cash Is Dead, Then Why Are So Many People Using It?
Cash — Your Truest Flexible Friend?
Cardless Cash: The Future of ATMs?
What gives paper money its actual value?
Digital Wallet Scare Shows Why Cash Is Still King
Cash remains king despite rapid growth of e-commerce
Cash is vital to disaster recovery: How IADs can help
The retail perspective on the role of cash [VIDEO]
To Cash Or Not To Cash, That Is The Question
VIDEO: Recent Change in the Production of Federal Reserve notes
The US dollar to reign supreme for decades to come
Walmart Banks on Cash
Can your ‘money-losing behavior’ be cured?
Why Cash Is King Again : Worried About Data Breaches? There’s a Simpler Solution Than Turning to Bitcoin.
If cash is king, are online payments an abortive coup?
Californian Couple Finds $10 Million Worth of Gold Coins in Tin Can
The Royal Mint to manufacture modern new £1 coin
How Cash Rings the Revenue Line for Cardtronics
Debate: Is cash an impediment to the world economy?
Will cash become extinct?
Try Using Cash to Keep Spending Under Control: The Convenience of Cards Can be Costly but Cash Can Help
Breaches Bring Cash Back In Vogue
A Cashless Society? Recent Stats Suggest We’re Heading The Other Way
Concerned About Security Breaches, Many Americans Are Using Cash Instead Of Cards
Americans Turn to Cash Over Credit Cards After Data Thefts
Paper, not plastic: Does it make cents to use cash?
Cash: It really is ‘Everywhere You Want to Be’
Breaches Bring Cash Back In Vogue
Newly Wary, Shoppers Trust Cash
Paper Or Plastic: How Americans Buy Stuff, In 1 Graph


From Drowning in Debt to Financially Flush: How the All-Cash Diet Changed My Life
It’s Raining Cash in Minnesota
DNB – De Nederlandsche Bank : DNBulletin: Cash: we can’t do without it yet
Retailers can expect more purchases with cash this holiday season
Americans Celebrating with Cash, Not Credit, This Holiday Season
Thumbs up for Cashless?
 Contactless vs. Cash – Why Cash is still king for the Consumer?
The Cost of Cash
What’s better than cash? More cash!
The results are in – people want their cash
Samsung pays Apple $1 Billion sending 30 trucks full of 5 cent coins
Can you afford to ignore cash in your kiosk?
Cash and checks still dominate US P2P payments
Cash is still king in the US
Number of ATMS to grow by 44% by 2018
Global ATM market grows as demand for cash increases
Is Cash Still King?
Economic Conditions, Consumer Confidence And Shopper Preferences Prompt Increase In Cash Payments At Retail Stores
All About The Benjamins
Infographic: Cold Hard Facts About Money
A good 30 years before innovation threatens cash
The War On Cash
In times of financial trouble, cash is king
How Much Money Does Money Cost?
Dutch central bank comes down in favor of hard cash
If Cash Isn’t Dying, Can Electronic Payments Grow?
More Young People Ditching Credit Cards
Yes, Credit Cards Are Making You a Bad Person
Budgeting shoppers ditch cards for cash
Cash payments stage a comeback
Why cash is making a comeback
Cash use in the UK is on the rise
Will A Cashless Society Make Us More Dishonest
Fun Money Fact: 5 High-Denomination Bills Not Being Printed
Payments Innovation and the Use of Cash
Cash still prominent payment choice in UK shops says BRC
What the future holds for ATMS, mobile, the branch and cash
For payment security, cash is king
6 Reasons Why Cash Still Wears the Crown
Video: Cash Lives!
Payments moving online, but cash still king for small transactions All About The Benjamins
Bruce Bartlett: America’s Most Profitable Export Is Cash
It’s OK To Pay Cash. Really.
Schnucks shoppers encouraged to use cash, check until fraud problem resolved
Is it the end of cash as we know it?
Growing demand for cash withdrawals bodes well for ATM market
Square concedes to need for cash
A History of the ATM [Infographic]
Death of cash? Maybe, but not quite yet in Japan
Sweetgreen only accepting mobile payments, cash during launch for payments app
Where is all the cash going?
‘Dish Mobs’ Aim to Benefit Local Restaurants
Bank Of America Warns Customers To Keep ‘Cash On Hand’ For Winter Storm Nemo
Many merchants not ready for loss of penny, survey finds
Forget digital wallet. Apple wants to turn YOU into an ATM via ad-hoc cash dispensing network
Apple Patents Crowdsourced, Peer-to-Peer Mobile Banking That Could Use iTunes to Provide Cash On Demand
Younger Consumers Prefer Debit and Cash over Credit Cards
Consider cash, not credit, for local service
COLUMN: Consider cash, not credit, for local service
Mobile Payments’ Cashless Utopia Is Not Coming Anytime Soon
Seven places where cash is still king
It’s ‘cash only’ now for tourists at the Vatican
We prefer cash despite banks’ bid to get us to use new cards


Cash Is Dead! Long Live Cash! (Federal Reserve Bank Report)
Global Cash Report Published
Lack of appetite for tap-and-go bank cards as fraud fears mean consumers stick to cash
Cash: Rumors of its death are greatly exaggerated
Commentary: The future of cash in a mobile-digital world
Walmart’s Head of Mobile doesn’t believe in NFC, says there’s no problem with using cash and plastic
Data thieves target debit cards, PINs at point of sale
Emergency cash
Cash a hot commodity in Sandy’s wake
Cash rules at Christmas: For holidays, it’s lumps of coal for credit, mobile payments
Survey Shows Consumers Plan to Use Debit Cards/Cash for Holiday Shopping
Want to avoid the next big data breach? Expert says use cash
Cash is King: How is your Business protecting its Cash?
System Down: Dealing With Catastrophic Risks In Payments
US Coin Production in September 2012 Reaches 905.34M
Cash Remains King, Despite Cashless Initiatives
5 instances where cash is king
Visa’s determination to stage a cash-free Olympics resulted in guest inconvenience
Why you should tip restaurant servers in cash
Asia’s ‘cash culture’ hinders mobile POS takeoff
A Failure For The Contactless Olympics Holds A Warning For Mobile Money
Cash is King in Sub-Saharan African Remittance Market
UK: cash transactions up by 4% since 2011
Cash is still king: Forget the rise of cards, shoppers use MORE cash as recession-hit Britain cuts back
UK high-street cash use on the rise – BRC
Restaurant Saves Money With Cash
Cash Isn’t Free — But It’s Not Going Away, Either
Cash in a Flash
The Wacky Ways of Russian eCommerce Lets You Pay With Cash When Shopping Online
Doubt the Power of Cash? Look What Walmart’s Doing
As Small Business Saturday approaches, we revisit how the cashmobs movement is getting customers to shop local
The End of Cash … Again?
Future of Cash
Meeting the Demand for Cash
Need cash? Just hold out your palm to this ATM
Extreme Couponing Tip: Benefit by Paying Cash at the Grocery Store
7 reasons you’ll always need cash
Cash preferred over debit, bank survey finds
Buying junk food? Pay cash; eat less
Cash Is Still The Most Popular Form Of Payment For Most Americans, Report Says
Cash: Automation reduces costs and is safer


Cash is king for Australian shoppers this Christmas
Debit Fee Cap May Encourage Using Cash
Cash Makes A Comeback
Local businesses encourage using cash to avoid sting of high card fees
Local businesses encourage using cash to avoid sting of high card fees
Indian summer ‘prompts spree at cash machines’
Debit card fees are coming: How to avoid them
Using Cash Could Lead To Healthier Eating Habits: Study
7-Eleven Customers Can Pay Bills With Cash ‘Better, Faster & Cheaper’
Tied to Cash: The Future of ATMs
Cash Still Preferred
Cash Usage: Reports of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
Use of Cash On The Rise
Cash Mobs Bring Needed Dollars to Small Businesses
Webinar: You Can’t Afford to Ignore Cash




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