Standard vs. Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty vs. Standard Duty, What’s the difference?

APG Cash Drawer offers two different levels of durability: standard duty cash drawers (Vasario Series) and heavy duty cash drawers (Series 100 and Series 4000). To help you with your decision process, we have provided the diagrams and charts below. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at or call 763-571-5000.

Heavy Duty vs Standard Duty

Heavy Duty vs Standard Duty


Typical Reasons to Choose a Heavy Duty Cash Drawer:

  • You have a high traffic environment, including constant use or periods of extremely heavy use.
  • You want low cost of ownership that brings peace of mind.
  • You need the durability and dependability of industrial-grade steel ball bearing slides.
  • Your demanding environment requires a fatigue resistant latching/opening system.
  • You want a drawer tested to last from two to four million operations that is constructed of extremely durable mechanical and electrical components.
  • You are looking for a product that is supported by a two year to lifetime warranty.*

* See warranty statement for the product you are interested in.

Typical Reasons to Choose a Standard Duty Cash Drawer:

  • You have a light to medium traffic environment, with low use of the cash drawer.
  • A priority is low cost of acquisition.
  • You want a reliable drawer, but in your lower traffic environment, a roller wheel suspension is adequate.
  • You want an electronic drawer proven to provide over one million cycles of trouble-free service, or you want a manual drawer that lasts for 300,000 operations.
  • A two year warranty is sufficient in your environment.