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1. Cash Transactions in a Mobile World

Overview: As retailers begin to install innovative mobile technology, new loss prevention concerns arise. Now, more than ever, resellers and system integrators must become the retailer’s trusted advisor. By deploying IP-enabled devices to achieve mobile POS transactions, resellers can add new value and realize more profit from the system sale.

2. Finding Your Pos Match: How to Link Cash Drawer and Connectivity Options To Business Goals

Overview: Now that point of sale (POS) solutions no longer have to depend on PCs to operate, businesses have a wide range of options to set up their systems. Retailers, restaurateurs and hospitality operators can take advantage of standalone IP enabled components to choose whatever confi guration best suits their business objectives and customer needs.

3. Cash Management Solutions

Overview: If you think credit and debit cards are about to displace cash for retail transactions, think again. Legal tender accounts for as much as 40 percent of transactions overall and up to two-thirds of purchases under $10. Businesses need effective, affordable cash management solutions. As POS technology evolves from heavy, complex equipment to lighter, mobile solutions, dealers need ways to stay relevant. Intelligent cash management solutions with smart safes, cash recyclers, and weigh-based bill counters help clients surpass cash challenges and allow dealers to cement their trusted IT advisor roles.

4.  Next Generation POS: The Role of Cash and ePayments

Overview:  Mobility and payment are hot topics in retail, With tablets making major inroads into store environments and mobile wallet finally gaining traction, transactions can occur anywhere increasing convenience for customers and giving retailers exciting new options for point of sale. Missing from the mobility hype is a simple fact: Cash remains king for many consumers. Retailers must be prepared to accept payment in whatever form the customer wants, or risk losing the sale. Experts say cash will remain a popular choice among consumers for quite some time to come.

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