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“This is my first purchase of an APG cash drawer and I haven’t really used it yet but I can tell you I just love it and I’m so so excited to start using it! I purchased two to use at both of our sales counters and they are going to make things much easier for us to process cash and check transactions. They’re so shiny and new. I Literally. Can’t. Even. I’m so excited!”
~Andres Alvarez, John Deere Landscapes (T320-BL1616)

“Well constructed, works great!”
~Andrew Freundlich, POPtions Popcorn (T320-BL1616)

“This is our first purchase of a cash drawer after ours was stolen. The POS Guys were very helpful and the cash drawer came in when expected. It was fairly easy to set up and install (even for a novice IT person like me) and it has been working very well since I have installed it a couple of days ago. The drawer seems well built and seems like it will stand up to our staff. Staff like the 5 bill/coin slots and like the coin storage underneath. So far I am very happy with the whole purchase and would recommend this product.”
~ Dawn Davidson, YAVAPAI BLOCK CO., INC (T484A-BL1616)


“Best cash drawers on the market.. Friendly staff and very knowledgeable about the products they sell and for me and my company that’s what we need. Besides they stand behind thier product and have a true testing facility that really does prove how long their drawers last.. Thanks to Mark and his employees for making a fabulous product that my company can stand behind..”
~ Al Spicer, POS S.O.S.

“Great heavy duty cash drawer, we have 25 that have been in service for over a year, and I just ordered 5 more.”
~ Rick Whilden, Lake County Clerk of Court (JB554A-BL1816)

“We needed another cash drawer for the special events that we sponsor. This was the ticket, works great, is secure and easy to transport. Money stays put even when it’s closed and turned upside down. We are very pleased.”
~Troup County Sheriff’s Office

“We bought this for a food booth that our youth group organizes. It is solidly constructed and works like a charm. Would buy again if the need arises!”
~Bear Limvere (Colorado)

“Priced right! The drawer is a little narrow but we’ve been using it for several months and it serves us well! Especially love the push button opening on the front of the box.”
~Shelly Schulze

“Very good quality. More than what I expected. Just perfect for my business, and I’ve had no problems at all. Just connected it to the printer et voila,…. ready to go.”
~Boujida “TB” (USA)

“We’ve used other manufacturer’s cash drawers and none are as trouble free as the APG models. BOTTOM LINE Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
PROS: Works 1st Time Every time.”
~Steve from Tempe, AZ

“APG cash drawers can be found in POS systems around the globe due to their durable construction and wide feature set to meet any need.”

“I have had nothing but great experience with APG, especially their technical support team.”
~Jasmin Sziber, Gabriel Building Supply


“Looks great. Works great. Sturdy. I just received it and have been using the manual mode (opening by using the key) and it’s perfect for my small business.”
~Gayl Hyde

“Very durable, will sustain many years of abuse. Works great with the provided Epson receipt printer interface. Will be purchasing additional.”
~D. Davidson (High Point, NC)

“The cash drawers were easy to install and worked with our point-of-sale software right out of the box. Great product.
PROS: Very easy install, Quick Setup.”
~ITMC from Marianna, FL

“Works good; It is heavy and seems durable. The connectors are simple and well placed. I recommend APG for small businesses.”
~Carrie Olson-ward, Sweetpea Bakery, Amazon Shopper

“I like the fact that this item is heavy, the reason for that is because I want it to be secured down to the counter as much as possible to make it difficult for someone to grab. I connected this cash register to my receipt printer and the receipt printer to my POS system. It all syncs and works great & fits well on my counter.”
~Dave Tesh, Amazon Shopper

“Solid sturdy drawer! Will buy another one when we expand.”
~Martin Jones, Amazon Shopper


 “We purchased the cash drawers and interface cables …. Our units are then installed in cellular stores. Very pleased with the competitive prices. Sharp.”
~Purchasing from Godley, TX

“Love this drawer, it is easy to put somewhere that is not taking up space and not easily visible. Never had an issue with this product, opens easily and is very secure!”
~Phil (Castle Rock, CO), BarcodesInc.com shopper

“Our 10 year old drawer was failing and after many temporary fixes I came across this unit which has been a perfect fit!”
~Scott (DMComics – Manchester, NH), BarcodesInc.com shopper

“Well made, high quality product! I spent years in jobs that included lots of cash handling. This cash drawer is the nicest I’ve seen. It’s solid build will last for years and its finish is just lovely. It triggers cleanly and the drawer all but shoots out when triggered. I’m very pleased.”
~Tony Cuozzo, Amazon Shopper

“I’ve been in the Fast Food Industry for over 30 years and I’ve never had a cash drawer that was so well built.  I usually just take whatever cash drawer my POS company gives me, until now!  I will only use APG Series 4000 cash drawers from now on!  Thank you.”
~Byron Takeuchi, President, B-Man’s Teriyaki & Burgers

“We are very pleased with the quality and workmanship of these cash drawers.  They are much heavier duty than other brands available.  We have had many different types that were of much less quality with very short duration between replacement.”
~Jeremy Hanson, State Of Oregon DEQ VIP

“Thank you Mark and APG Team! I love APG.”
~Jason Cowan, Cowans Restaurant Solution

~Joseph Uy, Golden Coin Food Industries Corporation

“The person I spoke to at APG was very helpful with helping me figure out the right cash drawer for my situation, as well as information regarding the printer set up.”
~Julianne Cody, Dragon*Con

“I have had problem free APG drawers for the last two years. When it came time for us to create an additional POS station, I used components that had been purchased by my predecessor, including a generic, unlabeled cash drawer. I could not get it to work, but my new APG drawer worked right out of the box. Solid!”
~Josh Giblin, Sciencenter




“Like a tank! The APG cash drawer is the most reliable cash drawer we have ever used. We have tried many of the competitors over the years, but this product holds up the best.”
~Var comment from BSM’s 2010 Best Channel Product (APG JB320-BL1816-C)

“APG sells consistently reliable products and stands behind them with great support.”
~Var comment from BSM’s 2010 Best Channel Vendors.


“One word: reliable. Years and years of use and abuse without failure. When I have needed support, APG was great.”
~Var comment from BSM’s 2009 Best Channel Vendor.

“The APG cash drawer we use has no returns at all — an excellent product!”
~Var comment from BSM’s 2009 Best Channel Product (APG JB320-BL1816-C)